David Hepworth

a bit about myself

I come from Yorkshire. I'm a qualified drama teacher. I worked in a yuge London record shop in the 70s. At the time I started writing for music papers. After a year with an independent record company I started writing and editing full-time. I joined Smash Hits in 1979, not long after it launched and became the editor. I then went on to oversee the launch of magazines like Just Seventeen, Q, Empire, Mojo, More and Heat in the 80s and 90s. At the same time I was broadcasting for the BBC. During the Live Aid concert of 1985 I was thrown in front of the largest TV audience in history. I'm a director of the independent company Mixmag Media. I write about radio for The Guardian. I serve on the council of the Advertising Standards Authority. In 2016 I published "1971: Never A Dull Moment", which was a Sunday Times best-seller. My new book "Uncommon People: The Rise and Fall of the Rock Stars" will be published in May 2017.

upcoming stuff

On May 10th I'm taking part in a session about fake news at PPA Live. On May 15th Mark Ellen and I will be talking to Thomas Dolby and John Ingham at Word In Your Ear in Islington. This one's sold out. Get on the mailing list at WIYE to make sure you don't miss out in future. On May 18th I'll be with Maconie and Radcliffe on 6 Music. On the 20th I'm with Danny Baker on Five Live in the morning and then in the evening I'm taking part in a session about Bob Dylan at The Bath Festival. On May 22nd we're presenting another Word In Your Ear about and around my book. On June 1st I'll be returning to the excellent West End Lane books. On June 12th I'm on Simon Mayo's programme on Radio 2. The day after I'm at David's Books and Music Shop in Letchworth. On July 1st I'll be talking about Sgt Pepper with Giles Martin and Kevin Howlett at the Chalke Valley History Festival. Some people would consider themselves above using these opportunities to sell you a book. Not me. Watch this space for anything else.

links to things i do

* Word In Your Ear is an evening hosted by Mark Ellen and I which happens once a month at the Islington. You can add your name to the mailing list to be informed of upcoming events here.
* We record the Word In Your Ear events and put them out as podcasts. You can find them here.
* I've recorded a few series of Johnnie Walker's Long Players, which are here
* I preview radio for the Guardian Guide. It's here
* And I blog at whatsheonaboutnow.blogspot.co.uk.